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What are the advantages of having a pizza truck at my event?
Having the country's only Bedford CF1 vintage pizza truck producing the freshest handmade sourdough pizza will certainly make it a memorable and talked about occasion. 

What pizzas do you do, and can I have a pizza topping not listed on your menu?
See our menu page for more details, these are not set in stone as we can bespoke any pizza to suit your taste or even name a pizza especially to suit your occasion.

How many different varieties of pizzas can i have?
At private events It really would depend on how many guests you have. We would usually recommend
around 5, one of which to include Classic Margherita.
At Public events, we would have a selection of at least 4 or 5 crowd pleasers to choose from.

How much does a private event cost?
Every event is different and the price will depend on factors including menu, location, timings, number of guests, transport costs & staff required.
Our quotes will be based on serving 10"-11" wild sourdough pizzas, either as a buffet, free flowing slices or individual boxed per guest.

Are you available for public events? 
Yes, we are always interested in coming to one off public events to sell our fresh pizzas to your visitors ,
use our contact form to send us more details.

Where are you based?
We are based in Northamptonshire, as we are mobile we also cover surrounding counties. 

How do I book and is there a deposit to pay? 
Once we agree the finer details, we will require a non refundable deposit to secure the booking. 

When do I need to pay the final balance? and what's the cancellation policy? 
The final balance will need to be paid 2 weeks prior to your event. In the event of you cancelling up to 14 days prior to the event date we would return 50% of the paid final balance. Serious Dough Co will not be held liable for any cancellations out of the companies control. 

Do you need electricity?
Yes, access to a 13amp socket would be required.  

What size space do you need?
We need at least 3mx5m for the truck plus space for a 3mx3m gazebo and access for our 2nd service vehicle depending on size of event. 

Can you set up in a field?
We can access pretty much anywhere as long as its flat & firm as our vintage truck is heavy!

How long do you need to set up?
Depending on size of event, from arriving to serving fresh pizza we would need around 1.5hr. 

Do you make the pizzas fresh on site?
Yes, all our pizzas are made & cooked fresh. As we always say "Fresh Food not Fast Food" 

How many pizza can you cook?
We have the capability to cook 3 pizzas at once in a couple of minutes, meaning we are capable of cooking and serving 40 pizza per hour. So if you are looking at feeding a large group, please keep this in mind when thinking about your timings for all guests to eat.

How many pizzas should I order?
We always advise catering for 1 pizza per person and that will be enough to cater for differing appetites. You know your guests best, so if you want to cater for more or a few less just let us know.

How are your pizzas served?
We would always recommend a help yourself buffet style service for large events so guests can graze on the continuous flow of fresh pizza or we can provide fresh pizzas boxed up individually, festival style. We also provide free flowing slices of fresh pizza giving your guests more choice and more flexibility.  Unfortunately due to all our pizzas being freshly cooked, we are unable to serve to centre of guests tables (sharing style)  

Can you make vegan/lactose free pizzas?
Yes, no problem at all, all our Pizza bases are naturally vegan.

Do you cater for gluten intolerant or coeliac?
We do cater for gluten free diets, we do this by using a gluten free pizza base with dedicated gluten free equipment. 
Unfortunately due to the high usage of wheat products in our vehicles kitchen, we are unable to provide pizza for coeliac's.

Do you cater for other food allergies?
We take food allergens very seriously, all our team have under taken allergen awareness training. Details of all ingredients will be accessible to any customer at any time at ordering or enquiry stage. 

Do you cater for children?
Yes, we can cater for children, although bear in mind some eat as much as adults (mine do!)  

What if it rains?
We can control many things, but unfortunately not the weather. What we can do, is locate the pizza Truck in a suitable position closer to the guests and use our gazebo to keep things dry. 

Do you supply plates, napkins & cutlery?
Yes, we supply quality disposable plates, cutlery and paper napkins if required.

Do you have insurance and local authority registration?
We have public liability insurance and are fully registered with our local authority

Do you have a Covid-19 policy?
We have a Covid-19 policy in place that covers extra cleaning procedures, screen ordering protection, social distancing and flexibility in food service. 

Do your staff have food hygiene training?
Yes, from the national standard level 2 all the way up to level 4, for food safety you and your guests are in the safest of hands.  

What do you do with any left over pizza?
We will box it up and leave any left over for those guests that have done more dancing than eating! 


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